La Nostra Azienda Nasce e Cresce con Voi

Venerom Evolves with Your Needs…

Venerom has operated in the flooring and finishes market since 1996.

Established in Forlì, the heart of the Italian ceramic industry, Venerom has progressively expanded its services to cover both the national and international markets.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, our company delivers expertise in the production techniques for industrial, commercial and residential flooring.

Our work targets the construction industry and architects alike.

Together with our clients, we develop a relationship based on efficiency of service and a high quality product.

In our showroom (located close to the Forlì highway) we present a vast range of products: Examples of industrial flooring, resin finishes and "Battuto Veneziano" - or Venetian flooring.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes, a source of creativity for both professionals and private clients alike.

Our Research and Development department is at the heart of our business…

The place where our products take shape, with the dedication of craftsmen.

In the hands of our technical staff, our products become a blend of expertise, workmanship and a solution to our client’s needs.